These are the Minutes of the 182nd AMCC meeting held at the Stonewall Inn in New York City on Saturday, October 15, 2016, hosted by Empire City MC as par of their anniversary.


President Victor Skolnik called the meeting to order at 11:43 am.


Present: Bay State Marauders, Bucks MC, Centaur MC, COMMAND MC, DC Bear Club, Empire City MC, Excelsior MC, Iron Guard BC, Long Island Ravens MC, Pennsmen, Pocono Warriors, Reading Railmen, Three Rivers Leather Club, Twilight Guard.

Proxy: Harbor Masters of Maine (proxy to DC Bear Club), Philadelphians MC (proxy to Pennsmen), ShipMates Club of Baltimore (proxy to COMMAND), SNC London (to AMCC President).

Absent: Highwaymen TNT, Knight Hawks of Virginia, NE Pennsylvania Leathermen, Potomac MC, TBLC of VA.

Quorum was present.

Guest: No guests.


Approval of Minutes from the 181st meeting was moved by Twilight Guard and seconded by Long Island Ravens. The motion passed.


Secretary’s report: All letters of certification for 2016 have now been received. With receipt of the letter from Reading Railmen, the club’s voting status is restored. Further, all clubs have also met the attendance requirement for this cycle. Member clubs are exhorted to keep up to date with their contact information, and to expect ballots for e-board elections in mid-December.

Treasurer’s report: The Treasurer report indicates a cash balance of $3,889.00. As the Treasurer was not present, the report is appended to these minutes.

Vice President’s report: No report at this time.

President’s report: No report at this time.


Outreach Committee: he extended outreach meeting at the DC meeting was written up, and is appended to these minutes. The President thanks the Committee for their work.

Historian’s Committee: Thanks for your thoughts and good wishes while I was in the hospital. Minutes of the 122nd meeting are still missing from archives.

Web Committee: All’s well.


Amendments and Additions to the sanction calendar
There are no adjustments to the current sanction calendar.

Location of the 183rd meeting
The 183rd meeting is being held in Harrisburg, PA, hosted by Pennsmen, on March 4, 2017.

Location of the 184th meeting
The Twilight Guard had submitted a timely request to host the 184th meeting at Fire Island, but withdraw it and defer to the LI Raven’s request to host the meeting on June 10 for the club’s 25th anniversary. The President thanked Twilight Guard for giving Ravens the opportunity.

All-Club Bar Night
$450.00 of the proceeds from the bar night went to Council; $297.00 to the DC Eagle. Thanks to Paul Rose for making local arrangements.


2017 Sanction Calendar
Requests for sanctioning various club events were made and are recorded in the calendar below. There were no conflicts among the requests. A motion to accept the calendar was made by LI Ravens, seconded by Twilight Guard and passed by the membership.

Nominations for the Mel Jacobs Award of Excellence
None were made.

Nominations for the Torrid Tuber
None were made. (The Tuber currently resides with the Harbor Masters.)

Nominations for the AMCC E-Board for 2017-19
Secretary: to be nominated at next meeting.
Treasurer: Twilight Guard nominated Butch Fenton-Snell (Harbor Masters)
Vice-President: Twilight Guard nominated Sean Campbell (Twilight Guard)
President: DCBC nominated Butch Fenton-Snell (Harbor Masters); Twilight Guard nominated Ed Carabella (Empire City MC).

Ballots will reach clubs by mid-December. No proxies are permitted in voting for officers.


Bay State Marauders congratulates ECMC on their anniversary and thanks them for hosting the meeting.

Bucks MC reminded members about Santa Saturday. Doors open at noon on Saturday. There is also a meet-and-greet at the Paradise Bar on Friday.

Centaur MC reminded members of MAL in January. The host hotel is already sold out.

COMMAND MC congratulated ECMC on their anniversary and thanked them for hosting the meeting. Come join us at Maryland Leather.

DC Bear Club congratulated ECMC on their anniversary and thanked them for hosting the meeting.

Empire City MC thanked everyone for attending and helping to celebrate their 52nd anniversary. Our annual toy drive is in December.

Excelsior MC thanked congratulated ECMC on their anniversary and thanked them for hosting the meeting. Our Trim-a-Tree is on Friday, December 2 at the NY Eagle from 10:00pm to 1:00am.

Harbor Masters of Maine reminded members that Sailaway is next weekend.

Iron Guard BC congratulated ECMC on their 52nd anniversary. We are planning a casual mid-December brunch.

Long Island Ravens MC congratulated ECMC on their anniversary. Our “Toys-for-Tots” event is set for December 10 at the Veranda/LI Eagle.

Pennsmen Inc. invites you for our 40th anniversary at the Crown Plaza in Harrisburg. The first Saturday of December will be our X-mas party at our home bar.

Pocono Warriors congratulated ECMC on their anniversary, and thanked AMCC secretary for his service.

Reading Railmen appreciates the welcome back. We’ve been working to revamp the club and appreciate the help from others in doing so.

Three Rivers Leather Club congratulated ECMC on their anniversary. Our home bar closed; we’re looking for a new one. Our Toy Drive is on the second weekend of December

Twilight Guard congratulated ECMC on their 52nd anniversary. Join us at our 22nd anniversary run on Fire Island.


Three Rivers noted that their founding member Steve Westman passed away at age 83.

Paul Rose passed on an offer from Mark Wind of ECMC to stay and relax at his place in between run events today.


DCBC moved to adjourn meeting; seconded by LI Ravens. The motion passed. The general meeting closed at 12:40 pm.

(Approved as of 10/15/2016)

Ocotber 21-23 Harbor Masters—Sailaway

November 4
COMMAND—Mr. Maryland Leather
November 26 Bucks MC Santa Saturday

December 2-4
ECMC Toy Drive; Excelsior Trim a Tree

January 13-16
Centaurs—Mid-Atlantic Leather

MARCH 2017
March 3-5
Pennsmen—40th Anniversary

MAY 2017
May 19-21
Twilight Guard—22nd Anniversary Run on Fire Island

JUNE 2017
June 9-11
LI Ravens—25th Anniversary

JULY 2017
July 28-30
TBLC—Annual Camp Out

September 16
Iron Guard—42nd Anniversary Dinner
September 29-Oct. 1 Three Rivers—Pittsburgh Leather Pride

November 3-5 COMMAND—Mr. Maryland Leather; 29th Anniversary
November 25 Bucks MC—Santa Saturday

December 2
ECMC—54th Toy Drive

Treasurer’s Report

The following in a summary of the Treasurer’s Report, provided by email.

Beginning balance (March 12) $3,565.33

Bank fees (July-September) 6.00
Payment to Secretary for supplies 31.11
Payment to Paul Rose for PO box 134.00
Total expenses 171.11

All-Club Bar night (DC Eagle) 697.00
Less: Donation to DC Eagle 247.00
Profit from bar night deposited 450.00
Money from sale of AMCC patches 45.00
Total deposits 495.00

Ending balance (July 1) $3,889.42

Reminder — Upcoming payments:
Corporate filing fee (Jan 2018)
Web server (Jan 2018)
PO Box rental (Sept 2017)



AMCC Outreach Open Forum Report.

While increasing the membership of individual clubs is not the primary focus of the AMCC, if there are no clubs, there is no AMCC. Thus, the AMCC Outreach Open Forum session that took place this past July in Washington D.C.  There were a number of clubs that presented very similar ideas on how to expand outreach to strengthen their membership, among them:

1) Visibility. 
Be out there.  Go places.  Be seen having fun.  Go to the movies as a group, wearing your club colors.  Go bowling!  Be seen.  You need to be on the scene to have a scene.  For clubs that have no home bar, this is especially important.  Staff a table at your local Gay Pride event.  Make sure your club members have business cards they can hand out at these events, listing the officers of the club, the meeting times, and a contact e-mail address/website address/facebook page name. Attend as many events in your area as possible.  Even if only one member goes to an event, someone may see their backpatch and inquire about your club.

Maintain your web presence!  Keep your website updated. Make sure the AMCC Webmaster has a current link to your club's website, or at the very least, up to date contact information.  Make sure to get your club events, sanctioned AND non-sanctioned, to the AMCC Webmaster for inclusion in the weekly notifications of what's happening in our geographical area. This is a prime way to advertise your club on social media.

2) Club Morale. 
Travel as a club.  Make it fun to be in your club.  If things have gotten stodgy, do things outside of your normal routine.  Go to events like Folsom East, Mates Leather Weekend, MAL, CLAW, or Bears, Bikers & Mayhem.  Go to one of the many gay campgrounds in our geographical area.  Hillside, the Woods and Oneida come to mind offhand.  I can speak from personal experience that the Philadelphians have had a number of applications for Full Member and Associate Member from people who went to Bears, Bikers & Mayhem or the Woods in Pennsylvania this past summer. 

Finances are tight for many folks.  Having fun as a club does not need to be costly.  Have a potluck movie night in someone's home. Cook a meal together.  A six pack of beer costs a little more than one beer in a bar costs.  A bottle of wine or vodka is less expensive than three or four drinks in that same bar.  Have a cocktail party in someone's home.  Have a "thinking out of the box" bull session to find fun things to do, or write your club history together. Imagine what a little alcohol will do for that!  Go to art galleries or museums as a group.

3) Be inclusive. Be adaptable.
Revamp your by-laws, if you feel the need, to make your group more inclusive.  Network with straight BDSM groups in your area.  You may be surprised how inclusive some of them can be.  Be open to people who may not present as "Leather" initially.  The "scene" is nothing like it was before the Internet. "Back in the day" the only way to connect with like-minded people was to join a club or go to a bar.  Now, there are many options for finding leather folk.  You have to change a bit to meet the challenges the Internet presents. 

Regarding Outreach for the AMCC itself, there were a few suggestions.  One was to consider having member clubs staff a table at regional and national events.  Palm cards explaining what the AMCC is and does would not be very expensive. I am confident that many clubs attend Folsom East, for example, and having one of your club members staffing a table for one hour should not be too much of a hardship.

Another suggestion was to generate "an AMCC graphic into which an individual club logo can be inserted.  A simple slogan - maybe "AMCC - Clubs reaching out, working together since ____" - as a mast head with the AMCC and club logo below it could be distributed for virtually nothing and shared simultaneously by every club through social media."

Make a t-shirt with your club logo and the AMCC logo on it.  As we all know, that option is acceptable.  Please remember that you cannot alter the logo in any way, except for the possibility of having it be black and white to save on color costs.  Please speak to the Webmaster for artwork files.

Another comment that was made via e-mail struck me very much.  "If you wear an AMCC patch on your vest you share in the responsibility of doing outreach."  While I am aware that not everyone is comfortable approaching complete strangers to discuss the AMCC, at the very least everyone should be able to explain what the AMCC is and does, and provide the AMCC website address, which is   http://www.amcc76.org

Lastly, please make sure you include the AMCC Logo on your webpage.